Welcome to our project “We want to build a friendship with you!” We want to invite you to learn more about the Magdeburg lay judges.

You think that is boring? Far from it!

Below you see a map of Europe. Each and every dot represents one town, whose citizens have trusted in Magdeburg’s city fathers to give them advice on how to live together peacefully. Citizens of more than 1000 towns – the map is too small to show them all – who wanted to protect their belongings, who wanted to work untroubled and live together with their beloved ones without fear asked the lay judges of Magdeburg for rules and regulations which were just and reasonable for every person. And for more than 500 years the Magdeburger “Schöffen” advised them – and their advice was always accepted!

We want to remind you of this firm belief and the stern will of thousands of citizens to find a peaceful solution to their personal conflicts with the help of the Magdeburg lay judges. This is a good example, that thousands of people in the history of Europe wanted to live in peace with one another.

That is something to be proud of.

Europe is something great – take an active part in it!

Yours Sincerely

Eva Wybrands, Chairwoman “Offene Türen” e.V.